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Reframe Your Thinking Framework

Reframe Your Thinking Framework

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Reframe Your Thinking Framework


Successful people are skilled thinkers. Improving thinking skills is the simplest way to improve performance, influence and results. With a few techniques you can reveal and release untapped potential for analyzing, assessing and responding to situations; and, these skills can be easily developed through intentional practice. Clear, disciplined thinking is the cornerstone for success and creating new possibilities.


With experience skilled thinkers evolve a unique style or framework for thinking through situations to quickly organize observations to reveal gaps and opportunities. A thinking framework is equivalent to having a roadmap programmed on a GPS. This can empower a skilled thinker to quickly identify where people and resources are relative to achieving desired objectives.


The ZFactor Group incorporates the agile development philosophy to quickly ascertain relevant actions, resources, and strategies to accelerate your business by changing the way you think and act. See an overview of the Thinking Framework ZMap below to reveal and release untapped potential:


Thinking Framework zmap


How To Recognize A Skilled Thinker


A skilled thinker controls their emotions. This gives them full mental abilities to recognize what they are observing and to strategically think through who, what, when and how. They seek to understand people’s untapped potential, they challenge current processes by asking probing questions at the right time to reveal gaps and opportunities and they know when people and resources are on the same page, prepared and ready to move forward.


A skilled thinker will be a both/and thinker versus being a binary thinker. Thinking and making either/or statements is an example of a binary thinker. F. Scott Fitzgerald described both/and thinking as:

 “the test of a first rate mind is the ability to hold two opposing thoughts at the same time while retaining the ability to function.”

A both/and thinker will be a collaborator – actively listening for new possibilities that can be realized from the synergy of two or more people, resources and concepts.


A skillful thinker doesn’t need to be the smartest one in the room; they only need to think about how to leverage other smart people in the room to achieve the objective. As skilled thinkers, successful people are highly capable thinkers who engage in discussions with the intention to create value for others.


The Thinking Framework™ –  A Game Changer


The Thinking Framework™ (TF) has proven to be highly effective at helping others improve and enhance their thinking skills especially as it relates to creating unrealized value. When people are actively engaged in a situation and they know how to change the way they think, it is a game changer for them and whatever they are focused on accomplishing.


The beauty of TF is how one doesn’t need extensive training, subject matter expertise or special intelligence to apply the basics of TF to immediately produce very different results than have typically been produced. Instead of doing the same thing over and over the same way and thinking eventually you’ll get different results, TF simply shows that when you change your thinking there are numerous opportunities to produce different results.


The key during any situation is to know where you are, where others are, the objective of the discussion and where the discussion is at any time.


There are five key elements necessary for improving one’s thinking skills. When you do these five things, you may well experience a sense of life and profession fulfillment never before achieved.


  1. Be aware of what you are thinking.

  2. Control your emotions.

  3. Be a both/and thinker versus either/or (binary thinking).

  4. Develop a personal thinking framework.

  5. Observe results and make appropriate changes.

Sales acceleration happens when you learn how to adapt knowledge of who you are today to maximize the resources available to you to create momentum for change.


Our success is always measured by your success. Contact us to explore how we can help accelerate your business or schedule an initial Visioneering Session.


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