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Overcoming Crisis and Change with the Warrior Spirit

Overcoming Crisis and Change with the Warrior Spirit

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What is the “Warrior Spirit” and how is it relevant to overcoming crisis?

Last month as a country we celebrated the successful test launch of the Orion spacecraft, which will someday take astronauts back to the moon and beyond. Here’s something you might find interesting from NASA: in terms of energy, it takes the same amount of energy to overcome the resistance of earth’s atmosphere and gravity and achieve orbit as it does to go the next 140 million miles (on average) from earth orbit to the surface of Mars. From this great display, we can learn a lot about overcoming crisis.

What is the line of bifurcation?

Here at the ZFactor Group, our on-demand executives work with companies around the nation to help them overcome the atmospheric friction and gravitational pull of crisis and change, and ultimately to slip those surly bonds and move into acceleration and growth.

It’s not only a lot of hard work—it also requires a different way of thinking, but there comes a magical time—I call it the line of bifurcation—when you escape the pull of crisis and the friction of change, and start moving toward the bright future you envision, the place where your business is no longer a vendor, but a treasured value creator.

What’s essential to cross the line of bifurcation in your business? I call it the Warrior Spirit. Let me show you what I mean on this ZMap.

Overcoming Crisis and Business Acceleration

Notice that the Y axis is the performance and results of your company. As they increase, eventually your business crosses the Warrior Spirit line. When that happens, it means the leadership is now at a place where they can handle complexity.

Leaders with the Warrior Spirit have become skilled thinkers who can operate in the realm of both/and. They can listen and grasp all the possibilities that can be realized from the synergy of multiple people, resources, and concepts. Skilled thinkers engage in discussions and processes with the intention of creating value for others. Without the Warrior Spirit, a business might have a spurt, but they will not be able to escape the friction and gravitational pull of crisis and overcome the gaps and seize the opportunities required to achieve the long term trajectory of being a value creator.

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You must be able to function in complex environments—to operate in the realm of both/and—to be a value creator.

Saw Sharpener

List the ways your business is creating value for others, and ask: “Are these really needed?”


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