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Mapping Your Way to Revenue Acceleration and Increased Margins

Mapping Your Way to Revenue Acceleration and Increased Margins

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What is a revenue acceleration strategy roadmap?

“A map does not just chart,
it unlocks and formulates meaning;
it forms bridges between here and there,
between disparate ideas that we did not know were previously connected.”
—Reif Larsen—

At the ZFactor Group, our team of C-level executives aren’t consultants—we don’t focus on writing reports, instead our passion is rolling up our sleeves and working with our clients to achieve revenue acceleration. But revenue doesn’t just come from doing different things—it comes from thinking different thoughts as well. We begin by charting our client’s business on this ZMap.

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In order to create a revenue acceleration strategy, you must begin by mapping out the business to identify gaps and seize opportunities, we begin by asking crucial questions, quadrant by quadrant.


Quadrant 1: Brand, Infrastructure, and Systems

This quadrant focuses on your business, your brand, and what you’re doing—what’s working and why as it pertains to reaching customers. We get at it by asking these questions:

  • How are you perceived by your clients?
  • What is significant about what you do?
  • How are you aligning people, process, and platform toward fulfilling your brand promise?


Quadrant 2: MarComm, Talent, and Influence

This quadrant is about your funnel, your channel, and your creative strategies—and the people and resources necessary to execute your business. We get at it by asking this question:

  • How are you currently managing Potential through action with MOCCSS (Marketing, Ops, Communication, Culture, Service, Sales)?


Quadrant 3: “SMarketing” and Customer Experience Strategies

This quadrant is about awareness, generation, and conversion—and how to accelerate the business. We get at it by asking this question:

  • How are you currently holding conversations of insight to drive revenue acceleration strategies?


Quadrant 4: Strategic Value and Value Creation

This quadrant is about your highest margin activity: retention, referrals, and repeat business. We get at it by asking this question:

  • How are you currently creating lifetime value and potential for ideal clients?

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ZMapping your business can unlock meaning and form a bridge to increased revenue and margin

Saw Sharpener

Reread the questions above and ask yourself: 1. Do I have specific answers for each of these questions? 2. How would my key stakeholders answer these questions?

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About the Author: Anthony Carrano, Managing Partner, ZFactor Group

Since 2000, Anthony has operated as a results-driven professional with years of progressive experience leading people, implementing strategies, and optimizing systems, specifically in the areas of: brand development, marketing strategy, and digital asset optimization. Anthony also is the lead presenter with Burgers and Branding, exclusive branding workshops for SMB owners. Read More…