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Instant Change Possibilities

Instant Change Possibilities

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What if you could change the trajectory of your business in a day?

Ask yourself the following questions to create possibilities for instant change and change the trajectory of your business:

  1. If you could change anything, what would you change now to position your business for accelerated growth?
  2. Do you have the right stakeholder relationships around you to be successful?
  3. What if you were introduced to your dream client, would you know what to say and is your business ready for them, now?”

The last two questions are yes or no answers. Be brutally honest with yourself. Use these questions with a trusted advisor. Time and again we see these simple questions quickly open up new and expanded opportunities.

Experience Instant Change

It doesn’t take being sprinkled with pixie dust to experience instant change. You’ve already experienced it countless times. You are where you are because of multiple instant changes. It could be a comment, something you read, see or hear, a dream or a flash random thought. Yet, have you considered how to make instant change a philosophy for growing your business?

Instant Change is a philosophy created by Peter Strople, an advisor and partner with ZFactor Group. He has applied Instant Change in countless situations with individuals, organizations and communities – from boardrooms to operational teams to achieve significant impact in hours versus months.

Anyone can experience instant change, but it’s the actions taken and relationships developed that make all the difference. Peter thrives on connecting people, after assessing a situation, needs and talents, he reaches out to others in his network. It’s all about validating a business model, idea or concept with key relationships who have the credibility, experience and knowledge to know. Think of it as a mini Shark Tank. But, Peter is also quick to say that anyone can do Instant Change.

If you truly desire to change the trajectory of your business the outcome will absolutely depend upon the quality of the relationships you nurture and leverage. Is it time to develop new relationships to take your business to the next level? If you already have them, congratulations. If not, when do you plan to call the person who can be the catalyst for instantly changing the trajectory of your business?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Einstein


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About the Author: Alan Goldsberry, Managing Partner, ZFactor Group

Alan serves as the Managing Partner of ZFactor Group, LLC and LeaderXY Group, LLC. He also serves as Chairman of Higher State Technology, LLC. Since 1975 Alan has founded, operated, acquired, advised and invested in multiple entrepreneurial ventures. In 1984, he secured the initial funding to start a solid waste collection company in Houston, Texas and with additional rounds of funding, he co-founded Allied Waste Industries, Inc., now Republic Services Inc. After serving as President, VP of Sales and Director, Alan left in 1994 and has been involved as an Investor, Chairman, Director and Advisor to other private and public companies. Read More…