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Customer Relationships: The New Ordinary is Extraordinary

Customer Relationships: The New Ordinary is Extraordinary

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How many of your customers would describe your business as extraordinary?

The old adage “nothing happens until something is sold” has been replaced with “nothing happens until you create and retain relationships that matter.” This is especially true with your customer relationships.

This includes all your relationships – customers, employees, peers, team members, friends, family and community – you choose the order of importance for you. Remember it takes real effort and time to create sustainable relationships. If you remember that, you’ll quickly understand why being extraordinary in what you think, say and do makes it easier to retain meaningful relationships. Retaining customer relationships significantly pays off in lifetime value versus burning bridges and always chasing new relationships. Building new relationships is a key strategy for building a business, but making new relationships will be more productive when you are extraordinary with all your customer relationships, today.

Customer Relationships: Be Relevant. Stay Real.

It’s so easy to stay in touch with relationships that matter. Do you make regular time to think about all the people in your life and business? How do you let them know they matter to you?

I received a handwritten note card in the postal mail right after the first of the year. It was from a young friend, Kevin, who let me know I mattered to others and especially him. When was the last time you received a handwritten personal note in the mail? Maybe the spark was I took a moment to acknowledge him for a new picture of his family he put up on Facebook. I sincerely expressed how he was a blessing to his family and friends. I have always done this with all my relationships whether in person, mail and email. Now, I’m learning how to be just as sincere through social media.

Yes, it feels weird to express such feelings publicly and permanently. But, human nature is the same as it has always been. People like to be acknowledged for who they are, how they matter and make a difference. Thank you Kevin for knowing how to make the ordinary very extraordinary.

Be Extraordinary.

Make acknowledging others a regular habit. Be sincere. Let them know how they matter and refrain from making negative comments, texts, tweets and messages. Remember it is public and permanent. While it’s just good business, it really makes a difference for others.

Be extraordinary in all you think, say and do. You’ll experience relationships of extraordinary meaning, depth and intimacy. And, you’ll discover this habit becomes ordinary for you, but is extraordinary for others.


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About the Author: Alan Goldsberry, Managing Partner, ZFactor Group

Alan serves as the Managing Partner of ZFactor Group, LLC and LeaderXY Group, LLC. He also serves as Chairman of Higher State Technology, LLC. Since 1975 Alan has founded, operated, acquired, advised and invested in multiple entrepreneurial ventures. In 1984, he secured the initial funding to start a solid waste collection company in Houston, Texas and with additional rounds of funding, he co-founded Allied Waste Industries, Inc., now Republic Services Inc. After serving as President, VP of Sales and Director, Alan left in 1994 and has been involved as an Investor, Chairman, Director and Advisor to other private and public companies. Read More…