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Success Stories

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ZFactor Specific Engagements


For a 10 year old IT MSP, within 18 months,

• increased annual sales from $90k to $1.3M with $600k in predictable recurring revenue and
• positioned the company for scale by implementing best in class infrastructure, systems and talent requirements.


For a growing SaaS startup with an emerging salesforce and no renewal program, within 3 months,

• increased customer retention to 82% and renewal rate to 80% by upgrading talent and by establishing infrastructure, net promoter score, and
• a customer experience management strategy to secure predictable revenue and provide insights into acquisition.


For a division of a leading online custom printing provider of signage and home décor items, within 18 months,

• increased operating income 6-fold from 4% to 24%,
• established an enterprise sales model, and
• installed an active sales team and leadership by implementing sales automation, an inside sales structure, and a preferred supplier program.


For a 4 year old creative services agency,

• increased annual revenue from $890k to $1.4M while increasing net profit 3.5x to 24% within 12 months
• by implementing a scalable operational and financial infrastructure, a healthy leadership culture, and facilitating required talent acquisition and onboarding programs.


For a 9 year old software company that provides database optimization to Fortune 1000 companies, within months,

• increased leads 2.5x from existing channels as well as created new, additional sales opportunities through a demand generation strategy reaching senior executives through targeted content marketing.


Other Select Recent Engagements


For a promotional products company, developed the sales channel and enterprise sales strategy, increasing annual revenues from $800k to $54M within 8 years, with enterprise contracts comprising 35%.


For a web services startup, grew revenues to $5M within 4 years, with over 50% in predictable recurring revenue.


For an 18 year old dog park, training, and boarding ranch on 15 acres, improved margins from a 10% net loss to a 9% net profit within 4 months by implementing sales culture, revised pricing strategy, and a customer loyalty programs.


Launched what is now one of the world’s largest basketball training organizations, growing annual revenue from $125k to $1.3M within first 12 months, by developing a franchise model, online subscription app, certified training programs, and national camps.


For a newly acquired bed and breakfast in the northeast, increased revenues 4x within months through a digital marketing strategy and an improved online customer experience by increasing occupancy from 20% to over 80%.


For a growing landscape maintenance company with offices in 6 states, help grew annual revenues from $8M to $35M over 5 years by implementing brand promise system as part of the customer experience strategy, demand generation through digital marketing, and message strategy development for the sales teams.


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