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Realizing Customer Lifetime Potential Webinar

Realizing Customer Lifetime Potential Webinar

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Customer Lifetime Potential:

The Key to Maximizing Customer Spend


This webinar recording talks about the difference between realizing the potential of a customer vs. measuring the value in the traditional sense. As a guest webinar leader for @Zilliant, I had great fun with this collaboration. Enjoy!


Watch the webinar here: https://zilliant.wistia.com/projects/l1jb3bpm8z.

In this 25 minute webinar you will learn how to:


  • Use information and resources to engage in new methods for classifying and analyzing client behaviors;
  • Use customer information to craft CLP Insight ™ conversations and become relevant as a Value Creator to your customers;
  • Leverage a portfolio of metrics for assessing the current status vs. realized potential of your customers;
  • Align resources around a powerful approach for growing the breadth and depth of customer engagement with your organization to grow revenue and margin.


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About the Author: CIndy Goldsberry, Managing Partner, ZFactor Group

Cindy G. Goldsberry has 30 years of business experience, specifically in developing and implementing business acceleration strategies for companies focused on high growth, enterprise sales, re-tooling of business development teams, succession or advancement of sales talent and virtual sales leadership to accelerate success of sales performance. In 2012, she wrote ZFactor Sales Accelerator: From Vendor to Value Creator, which has been listed on Amazon’s Best Sellers for sales teams. Read More…