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Do Your Clients View You as a Value Creator—or Just Another Vendor?

Do Your Clients View You as a Value Creator—or Just Another Vendor?

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“How do you change the way your clients see you: as a vendor or value creator?”

First, what does is mean to be a Value Creator? It’s one of the first questions we ask as we roll up our sleeves and start helping a business. My team of C-level executives, the ZFactor Group, is used by dozens of businesses across the United States as a virtual Chief Revenue Officer. Our clients don’t engage us to generate paper—they have all the reports they need—they engage us to get in the trenches with them and generate profits—fast.

Owners, entrepreneurs, and C-level leaders come to us for lots of different reasons: a business crisis that threatens their very existence, a sales stall that stymies growth and blunts competitiveness, a new market they want to conquer, or a farsighted team that knows that in today’s competitive marketplace, you need savvy, hands-on help to get out in front and stay there. Regardless of where they start, the objective is the same:

Become an irreplaceable value creator.

Every company is somewhere on this continuum:

value creator

  • Vendor: You do what many people can do. You compete on price. You’re in a race to the bottom.
  • Preferred Provider: You consistently receive qualified referrals and personal introductions from your best clients that fit your ideal client profile.
  • Expert: You have mastered delivery of strategic solutions that exemplify your expertise, knowledge, and skills to create value for your clients.
  • Value Creator: You have achieved sustainable business success because your expertise, knowledge, and skills have made a significant difference for your clients. You are viewed as unique and irreplaceable. You do not compete on price.

Our quest with every company we assist is to follow a deliberate strategy and way of thinking that increases their strategic importance and relational relevance. And when they follow that process, that way of thinking, they become strategically important and hard to replace.

You are hard to replace when:

  • You know what is important to your clients and what really matters to them. They depend on you.
  • Your clients know you are deeply interested in them and their special interests. They know you value them.
  • You provide a distinctive high quality service above all other standards. You don’t think about competition. You are the competition.
  • You have a clear communications plan with each client. They know how to reach you and vice versa.
  • Your clients know the significant value you have created for them and refer others to you.


You are strategically important when:

  • You know your products and resources and how to leverage these to create new solutions.
  • You easily create innovative solutions customized to each client’s unique needs. You pull things together for the client.
  • You build sustainable solutions and your clients recognize you for that.
  • You know how and when to leverage the right people, resources, best practices at the right time.
  • You consistently deliver high value.
  • You think and do things differently and at a higher quality than your competition.

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The way to stop being just another vendor is to follow a process that makes you strategically important and relationally relevant.

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What is one thing I can start today to move my business toward being a value creator?

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About the Author: Anthony Carrano, Managing Partner, ZFactor Group

Since 2000, Anthony has operated as a results-driven professional with years of progressive experience leading people, implementing strategies, and optimizing systems, specifically in the areas of: brand development, marketing strategy, and digital asset optimization. Anthony also is the lead presenter with Burgers and Branding, exclusive branding workshops for SMB owners. Read More…