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CEO Strategic Thinking Session

ZFactor CEO Strategic Thinking – What’s Your Organization’s Financial Value Potential?


What if in 90 minutes you could double, triple or more the financial value potential of your organization?


What if in those 90 minutes you and your team clarified and agreed on what to do with the right resources at the right time to achieve clearly defined objectives in 90 days?


ZFactor’s CEO Strategic Thinking creates a mindset clearly focused on making things happen and achieving desired results. It’s the ability to think through and establish a clear action plan within the context of a desired future state. The outcomes are designed to focus on increasing revenues and improving gross profit margins.


Creating sustainable financial value involves a complex mix of identifying and resolving constraints to accelerating growth opportunities within today’s ever-changing situations, systems, people and resources. As the keeper of your organization’s strategic vision – how do you rate your and your team’s strategic thinking skills in the midst of daily business activities?


Have you ever considered the value of having highly developed strategic thinking skills and what that can mean to the financial value of the business?


In 2013, Management Research Group asked “what is the most important thing you can do as a leader?”


After evaluating leadership practices and effectiveness of 60,000 managers and executives in 140+ countries and 26 industries, they found those leaders with strategic thinking skills were six times more likely to be seen as effective leaders and four times more likely to be seen as individuals with significant future potential within their organizations.


Skillful strategic thinking when learned, developed and applied empowers decisions with the clarity on how to allocate talent and resources to achieve the desired future state.


Strategic thinking can be a challenging skill to acquire because one’s current mindset can prove to be the major developmental constraint to creating financial value. In order to fully differentiate your business from the competition, strategic thinking must become fully integrated into every business development conversation and process.


ZFactor’s CEO Strategic Thinking has been intentionally designed to provide a simple framework for the CEO and team to embed strategic planning into all decisions and actions, especially effective in the midst of change, crisis and fast growth. Adopting ZFactor’s CEO Strategic Thinking empowers an organization’s abilities to focus on creating financial value by clearly understanding the allocation of right resources, focused on the right actions to take at the right time.


Experience ZFactor’s CEO Strategic Thinking


ZFactor Group has designed a simple 90 minute program to assist a CEO, founder and management team to think through a current situation and clearly define actions that will produce the outcomes of their desired future state.


This program has been described as ‘strategic planning shorthand that produces results’ and ‘this process does in 90 minutes what typically takes six weeks.’ For the month of February 2016, we will offer to do this program with 20 qualified CEOs.


Qualifications are:


• $5MM+ revenue and profitable
• Desire to increase revenue and improve gross profit margins
• Understands that accelerating growth requires appropriate changes in mindset


We are business builders. We are your peers. Our program will extract your knowledge and expertise and convert that into a clearly defined 90 day action plan based upon your goals and objectives. You will have at least three gaps to prioritize and three opportunities to accelerate revenue growth and improve profit margins.


Are you a fit? Let’s talk.


If this is you, please contact us by phone,  email, or a contact form to schedule a complimentary 90 minute CEO Strategic Thinking Session.