Executives-as-a-Service for Business Growth Acceleration

Knowledge Leadership

Want to leave a legacy by writing a book, but cannot afford to step away from managing and growing your business?


Given the accessibility of information and prevalence of choice, customers are more educated, and thus, more selective than ever. Audiences today no longer give companies the time through traditional, interruptive tactics. Even if they end up making their purchase in a store, they start their fact-finding and decision-making on the Internet. Businesses that position themselves to be what people are interested in will attract more buyers if they teach something of value to them than they will attract by trying to sell them. Studies show that businesses that engage their audiences in this manner generate leads that cost 61% less with a close ratio of 2x to 8x higher than traditional means.

“Content marketing is fluid and organic.

Growth arises where structure meets spontaneity.”


The Knowledge Leadership Strategy was developed for business leaders who have an expertise, influence and success in a defined market niche or industry vertical, and who aspire to reveal and release the potential that creates value for others through the sharing of that content. The uniqueness of this strategy is that rather than serving as a distraction that often accompanies the writing, publishing, and marketing of a book, it is rather simultaneously integrated into the overall organizational marketing strategy to drive business growth acceleration. We would begin to understand how to best incorporate with a Visioneering Session. These are half day collaborative sessions designed as a catalyst to help drive the next steps while adhering to your organizations mission, values, and brand promise while remaining relevant to your ideal customers. Learn more about how a Visioneering Session can create instant momentum by visiting the visioneering overview page or scheduling an appointment


Throughout the process, there are six key motifs throughout the execution of this Business Acceleration strategy:


knowledge leadership motifs2

Knowledge Leaders can quickly improve their communications and impact when they can organize how they think and act to create value for others while accelerating their business growth and write, publish, and distribute their book in the process. The ZFactor Group incorporates the agile development philosophy to quickly ascertain relevant actions, resources, and strategies to accelerate your business through a knowledge leadership strategy, using the writing of a book to expand business development.


The Book as Business Development will:


  1. Help authors be compelling to their industry vertical.

  2. Integrate the authors expertise into a methodology that produces key performance results.

  3. Build the author’s brand and audience platform.

  4. Accelerate business growth through brand awareness and increased revenue.

  5. Assist the author in building a business legacy versus a stand-alone autobiographical type book.


The process is designed to looking to accelerate their growth systematically through an ongoing agile, ever-improving process of implementation and improvement through iteration, based on real-time market feedback.

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