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Agile Sales Acceleration

Want to move away from being viewed as just another vendor and instead embraced as strategically important and hard to replace with your clients?


The biggest challenge for most businesses is aligning talent for driving a sales strategy that creates relational relevancy with Ideal Clients. According to a survey of US based sales executives, 60% reported a poor job in aligning sales talent with customer segments and less than 35% said that a majority on their sales teams have the necessary skills to perform at an optimal level. Even more so, 40% state that their sales professionals do not understand their own company’s unique value proposition. What is more disturbing is that in that same survey, despite three-quarters making significant investments in technology to improve sales effectiveness, less than 33% have realized any marked improvements.


Vendor to Value Creator


One of the toughest spots for a sales professional is being pigeon-holed as merely a vendor. Products and services are “commoditized,” thus creating continuous competition in bidding situations to gain market share. As a result, gross margins, and morale, suffer. To move from always in a bidding situation to the role of a trusted, strategic partner, Value Creators build a sustainable business by attaining a base of customers with a predictable life-time value.


If you don’t help find a way to create value for prospects and clients, who will?


A well-constructed ZMap aligns with a company’s sales process and playbook to map the current situation for the client. In moments, not hours, this agile process allows strategic sales leadership to get on the same page for determining the “Desired Future State” with the client. We would begin to understand how to best incorporate with a Visioneering Session. These are half day collaborative sessions designed as a catalyst to help drive the next steps while adhering to your organizations mission, values, and brand promise while remaining relevant to your ideal customers. Learn more about how a Visioneering Session can create instant momentum by visiting the visioneering overview page or scheduling an appointment


A ZMap offers the flexibility for the user to customize client engagements to fit their personal situation, skill, and resource needs. See an overview of the Agile Sales ZMap below:

 Agile Sales Acceleration zmap v2


Becoming a Value Creator means clients no longer think of asking anyone else for similar products or services. As such, the Value Creator no longer hast to focus so intently on re-creating new relationships, because clients know to call them when opportunities and challenges in business arise. They have no competition…they are the competition. The contribution they make to clients is difficult to replicate (Hard to Replace) and essential to day to day production of results (Strategically Important).


Three questions to ask yourself:

  1.  Do your clients view you a strategic partner?
  2. How do you create value and make a difference for them now?
  3. Are you viewed as hard to replace by the influencers and decision makers?


The ZFactor Group incorporates the agile development philosophy to quickly ascertain relevant actions, resources, and strategies to grow your business through an agile sales acceleration sprint.


Sales acceleration happens when you learn how to adapt knowledge of who you are today to maximize the resources available to you to create momentum for change.


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