Executives-as-a-Service for Business Growth Acceleration



Executives-as-a-Service for Business Acceleration

ZFactor Group focuses on business acceleration through the lens of having been business owners and successful individual C-Suite producers in our careers. Specifically for revenue and margin increase, we work with leaders in advisory, project lead and interim leadership roles to align marketing, operations, culture and service to strategic sales strategies and initiatives.


We work alongside the CEO and company’s team to help craft aligned strategies, convert those strategies to actions, and deliver the desired results by using the proprietary ZFactor Methodology. This proven framework serves to accelerate selling and marketing initiatives that will create long term value to an organization, their team and their customers.


The first step is a Visioneering Session with the CEO – a 90 minute, facilitated think-tank session to elucidate Gaps and Opportunities between current reality and desired future state of the business. Participants leave with a hit list of projects that are immediately actionable for driving a change in business trajectory. ZFactor Group can offer resources, suggestions and options for bridging those gaps and leveraging opportunities where time, infrastructure and internal expertise are challenges for ‘getting stuff done’.


Why engage?


You need a peer to peer collaborator, not a consultant, from the C-Suite for revenue acceleration and margin improvement to help you overcome the typical challenges that stall many business owners and executives from realizing their organizations untapped potential.


Challenges ZFactor Group is designed to assist with include:


1. Overcoming Crisis

2. Navigating Change

3. Strategy and Execution to Achieve Growth

4. Position for Funding


Our success is always measured by your success.


Contact us by phone or email to explore how we can collaborate with you to accelerate your business by scheduling a Visioneering Session and create instant momentum and change.