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Accelerate Your Thinking to Accelerate Your Results

Accelerate Your Thinking to Accelerate Your Results

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Farmers and farm animals see the same farm—but they see it very differently. When it comes to business performance acceleration, it’s crucial to see the business as a whole, and how each part can accelerate the performance—and profitability—of the other parts. Without a deliberate, methodical process to think about your business, it’s almost impossible to grasp the whole.


What does business performance acceleration look like? Where do you start?

The ZFactor Group is a team of C-level executives who function as an interim Chief Revenue Officer for companies, providing on-demand, instant acceleration. Our executives see your business as a whole—we know for instance, that the right kind of marketing can lead to the right kind of lead, which in turn can lead to revenue enhancement and margin improvement in sales. We know that the right database can lead to more sales and faster inventory turns. We see how it all works together to achieve business performance acceleration.

We have to—and so do you.

In their March 2011 article in Harvard Business Review, Boris Groysberg, L. Kevin Kelly, and Bryan MacDonald write:

“One strikingly consistent finding: Once people reach the C-suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals. Chief information officers need to know how to create business models; chief financial officers, how to develop risk management strategies; chief human resource officers, how to design a succession plan and a talent structure that will provide a competitive edge.”

Running a business is challenging even in the best of times, but often we’re asked to come in not only to achieve growth, but also to help companies navigate change and even overcome crisis. Our first task is to give leaders a way to conceptualize their business that helps them both understand the whole, and then deliberately accelerate their business performance and revenue. We do it through this ZMap:

Business Performance Acceleration

How does this affect business performance acceleration?

Now looking at this map, it’s easy to think progression—work on Quadrant 1, then advance to Quadrant 2, and so on. But as Jim Collins said in Built to Last, it’s not the tyranny of the or, but the genius of the and—meaning that we work on all four quadrants at once. This both/and concept lets us understand the gaps we need to prioritize that are hindering performance in a specific quadrant, and at the same time see the opportunities we can seize to create acceleration and momentum within each quadrant—and work on them all at once. So we create action plans that close gaps and seize opportunities in all quadrants, although there may be times when we have to work more on one quadrant than another.

Your ZFactor Group

Business Accelerator

Looking at your business as a whole in a disciplined way will accelerate it by allowing you to close gaps and seize opportunities.

Saw Sharpener

Looking at the ZMap above, what are your organization’s: Biggest Gaps? Biggest Opportunities?

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About the Author: Anthony Carrano, Managing Partner, ZFactor Group

Since 2000, Anthony has operated as a results-driven professional with years of progressive experience leading people, implementing strategies, and optimizing systems, specifically in the areas of: brand development, marketing strategy, and digital asset optimization. Anthony also is the lead presenter with Burgers and Branding, exclusive branding workshops for SMB owners. Read More…