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Roadmaps, Achievement, and Your Thinking Framework

Roadmaps, Achievement, and Your Thinking Framework

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Achievement Roadmap: Why use a Thinking Framework?

“A clearly defined thinking framework offers a road map for navigating complicated situations to arrive at conversations of insight and innovation that accelerate the achievement of stated objectives.”

The simplicity of Napoleon Hill’s book title, Think and Grow Rich, still amazes me after forty years. Of course there is much that has to happen between thinking and getting rich, but the fact is – the quality of your thinking, matched with your intention to be a highly skilled, mature thinker can make all the difference.

Take a moment to consider a recent business meeting or conversation.

  • Was it organized and productive or disorganized and all over the map?
  • At any point, was everyone on the same page? If so, how did that happen?
  • Do you take a moment after a situation to think through what happened and didn’t happen?
  • Did you go away from the meeting or conversation with a clear plan of action and everyone involved knows what’s next?

A thinking framework is much more than drafting a last minute agenda or saying, “We need to get back on topic.” A thinking framework is a valuable tool for making things happen. Take the image of the map going from Austin to Dallas below:

Map Your Way to Acceleration

If someone starts talking about going to New Orleans, everyone knows that’s off topic, literally off the map. When you give people a framework for thinking about a situation, you will be amazed at the quality of the discussions and innovative solutions just waiting to be untapped and realized even when a meeting has gone wildly off the map.

I have been using tailored thinking frameworks for twenty years and used them in conversations with my sons to multi-million dollar situations with dozens of stakeholders. I take a simple xy graph and customize it into a thinking framework to fit any situation. This xy graph, called a ZMap, provides a visual representation, making it easy for everyone to know where they are relative to the situation, their agenda and the desired objective. Just as a roadmap can be viewed from different perspectives, an Achievement Roadmap can be viewed from an individual, team, client or organizational perspective.

Need a Roadmap?

Think of it as an Achievement Roadmap. It works just like inputting a destination in a Google Map. You see where you are and the pathway options to get to where you want to be. When tailored to a current situation, everyone involved can quickly assess and pinpoint where they are on the ZMap. After doing these thousands of times, it is truly inspiring to see how quickly discussions naturally get organized and focused. Typical meetings and conversations often take hours, days and weeks for someone or group to understand and gain clarity, much less involve crucial questions to reveal gaps and opportunities.

Give people a thinking framework and you will produce the results you’ve always imagined possible. With a ZMap, gaps and opportunities are easily realized in minutes and discussions focus on what matters for making strategic decisions and taking action. When people know where they are, have defined the gap or opportunity and know what to do, they achieve their objectives. The quality of your thinking framework absolutely makes a difference.

Take a look at one of our ZMaps and see where you are on the Map Your Way to Revenue Acceleration and Increased Margins.


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About the Author: Alan Goldsberry, Managing Partner, ZFactor Group

Alan serves as the Managing Partner of ZFactor Group, LLC and LeaderXY Group, LLC. He also serves as Chairman of Higher State Technology, LLC. Since 1975 Alan has founded, operated, acquired, advised and invested in multiple entrepreneurial ventures. In 1984, he secured the initial funding to start a solid waste collection company in Houston, Texas and with additional rounds of funding, he co-founded Allied Waste Industries, Inc., now Republic Services Inc. After serving as President, VP of Sales and Director, Alan left in 1994 and has been involved as an Investor, Chairman, Director and Advisor to other private and public companies. Read More…